Wet type dust collector OMV-1000

Wet Dust Collector OMV-1000

Wet Dust Collector OMV-1000 is a stationary device, which by using wet neutralization method is eliminating dust particles (of coal, rock) from the atmosphere. The device significantly reduces the risk of dust arising, mainly as a result of coal excavation, but also in places of transfer, crushers, coal tanks, chutes, tippers and in plants for mechanical processing of coal and ores.

Technical parameters
Connection diameter (inlet / outlet) Ø 1000
(with the possibility of reduction to Ø 800 or Ø1200)
Nominal air flow capacity 630 m3/min
dla zakresu 600-750 m3/min
The range of dust extraction efficiency at the dust concentration at the inlet (2g/m3) 96 - 98%
(depending on the air flow)
Pressure drop at nominal capacity 250Pa
Pressurized spraying of water 25 nozzles (e.g. G243 type B)
Pressure required for atomization 1,0MPa
Required amount of water 0,75 l/s
Pump 40-CVX-6-LC-550
Installed power up to 11kW
Sedimentation tank capacity 450-600dm3
Permissible axial slope of the flow part 15°
Components weight
Dust collector flow unit 1000 kg
Tank 300 kg
Pump unit 270 kg
Together 1570 kg
Reductions (800/1000) 2x 50 kg