Belt conveyors

Company VACAT Ltd. is the producer of wide range of conveyor belt designed for transportation of many types of raw materials. We specialize with the belt conveyors intended for use in underground mining, adapted to work in gas (methane) and dust explosion hazard areas. Mining conveyors are characterized by a compact design to enable installation in underground excavations with limited dimensions, while maintaining high efficiency and with simple modular structure provide easy and quick assembling process, disassembling and conversion as well. Due to the efficiency, intended use and work parameters, we distinguish four basic groups of belt conveyors.

Technical specifications
Type Intended use Belt width Capacity Power Length Inclination
VT-800/2, VT-1000/2 Preparatory and auxiliary works (drilling of corridors) 800mm-1000mm 500t/h 2x90kW 300m +20° / -20° according to the belt manufacturer
Wall haulage 1000mm-1200mm 1200t/h 2x160kW 1000m +20° / -20° according to the belt manufacturer
Main lines of collective haulage 1200mm-1400mm 2000t/h 2x315kW 2000m +20° / -20° wg according to the belt manufacturery
Special conveyors 1400mm 2000t/h 2x500kW 2000m +30° / -30°


NOTE - the above table is presenting typical solutions - other versions are possible, individually designed to the client's requirements. A qualified team of engineers, both mechanical and electrical, are providing comprehensive services in the field of designing belt conveyors according to the individual needs of the customer.