Wyłącznik stycznikowy

Flameproof Contactor Switch WSV-x-x-xx/x-xx-x-wx is designed to control, connect and protect electric drives in mining machines. This switch is designed to work in places classified as "a", "b" or "c" levels of methane explosion hazard and "A" or "B" class of coal dust explosion hazard.

Contactor Switch WSV It is adapted to be supplied with alternating voltage of 500V and/or 1000V from electric grid with an insulated neutral point.

he outflow control and protection system in the WSV circuit breaker is based on a programmable control relay type PeZin-01 which protect three-phase induction motors against the effects of overloads, short circuits, load current asymmetry and excessive temperature. It controls the insulation resistance of the main lines, preventing voltage from being applied to a damaged section of the power grid, and ensuring the continuity of grounding when powering mobile devices. It also performs the function of central leakage protection and blocking of external circuits 24VAC and 42VAC.

Programmable PeZin-01 control relay, has double measuring and control circuits
and measurement (OBW1 and OBW2) and performs the following control and measurement functions of:

  • measurements,
  • safety,
  • grounding continuity control,
  • intrinsically safe control,
  • communication (transmitting information about the work status to external monitoring systems),
  • event recorder,
  • self-control,
  • service cable entry on the front panel (USB).
It enables the implementation of the following protection group, control and monitoring:
  • overcurrent (overload, short-circuit, asymmetric element),
  • leakage blocking,
  • leakage central - blocking,
  • temperature - resistance (T> R<),
  • grounding continuity control,
  • intrinsically safe control,
  • control of warning signaling,
  • local and remote control,
  • monitoring and control of the main contactor and auxiliary contactors,
  • displaying information about the operating status and emergency states on the LCD screen,
  • Taking measurements of:
  • currents (rms values ​​of phase currents),
  • leakage resistance,
  • resistance of the temperature sensor.

Working conditions:

  • Operating voltage 0,85-1,1 Un,
  • Height above sea level up to 1000 m,
  • Ambient temperature 0°C - 40°C,
  • Relative air humidity max 95% at 40°C,
  • Position during working horizontal,
  • Permissible deviation from the vertical