Underground mining works, excavation driving, reinforcing and assembly works:

  • the driving of stone and coal mining excavations,
  • reconstruction of mining excavations,
  • crossing reconstruction,
  • shaft work,
  • comprehensive reinforcement of walls including accesories,
  • comprehensive assembly of belt haulage,
  • comprehensive assembly of transport equipment,
  • all types of pipeline assembly.

The manufacture, delivery and maintenance of the following equipment and subassemblies:

  • belt conveyors,
  • motor thill railways,
  • cable whinches,
  • cable drum winches,
  • parts for cableways,
  • parts for ropeways drives,
  • mining loaders and thill loaders and their subassemblies,
  • (bi-functional) HAZV universal hydraulic units,
  • pumps, motors and hydraulic actuators and other parts,
  • stopping culverts for belt conveyors,
  • scraper conveyors,
  • sheet cutting with a plasma PLC cutter.