Scraper loader VT

Ładowrka zgarniakowa

Scraper loader VT is designed to work in underground mines, including methane explosion and coal dust explosion hazard excavations. Scraper loader VT it is designed for loading excavated material in coal, coal-stone and stone galleries, in ditches, chambers, etc. The scraper loader is capable of loading the output on belt and scraper conveyor with turning station and track fitting under discharge opening in the transfer platform (e.g. conveyor belt PTG type, scraper conveyor type SKAT, GROT or similar). The scraper loader may be used in underground mines in the fields categorised as a, b or c class of methane explosion hazard as well as A or B class of coal dust explosion hazard. The scraper conveyor can operate in horizontal and inclined workings in the range allowing the use of compatible scraper and belt conveyors.

Technical specifications
Efficiency (depending on scraping distance) 60-100m3/h
Scraper pulling speed 1,5-1,8m/s
Scraper return speed 1,8-2,2m/s
Scraper capacity 0,7m3
Scraper winch  
Motor type dSg 250M4-EPd
Motor power 55kW
Motor revolutions 1500 rev/min
Linee diameter Ø18 mm
Drum capacity 180m
Loader dimensions (without drawer) length/width/height 9080/2100/1624mm
Loader weight 3300kg
Dimensions of the scraper winch length/width/height 1590/1740/1140mm
Weight 3040kg