The company has implemented a Quality Management System according ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

ISO 9001

The company has realized a project under the Sectoral Operational Programme

"The Increase of Economic Competitiveness in 2004-2006"
co-funded by European Regional Development Fund.

Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

Winch VACAT/30/29/K

The winch VACAT/30/29/K can be operated in underground headings of mining facilities, including headings with methane explosion hazard and coal dust explosion hazard. The winch is designed to transfer (pull and lower) heavy parts of the machinery and equipment in underground mining excavations. It can be used as a supporting device in reinforcement and liquidation of discharge walls, pulling transformers and heavy elements of electric apparatuses. It can be also used as a supporting device in rehandling and transport of heavy parts, when the drawbar pull is demanded. The winch is adapted to prabolic disc and used as drive unit railway with closed cable.

Technical specifications
Draw-bar pull on the first coat (drum diameter: Ø 406mm) 25,9 kN
Draw-bar pull on the first coat (drum diameter: Ø 510mm) 20,8 kN
Draw-bar pull on the tenth coat (cable diameter: Ø18mm) 14,9 kN
The quantity of the cable coats on a drum Ø 406mm 15 (cable diameter: Ø 18)
The quantity of the cable coats on a drum Ø 510mm 10 (cable diameter: Ø 18)
Length of the cable on a drum L=670/Ø 406mm (cable diameter: Ø 18mm) 1380m
Length of the cable on a drum L=670/Ø 510mm (cable diameter: Ø 18mm) 1090m
Cable speed (on the first and last coat): 0,93 – 1,61 m/s
Electric motor:
Electric motor power 30 kW
Power supply voltage of the electric motor 500/1000 V
Maximum angle of road inclination ± 45°
Drum width standard 670 mm (400mm-1000mm)
Drum diameter Ø 406mm or Ø 510mm
Method of winding a cable podsiębiernie
Possibility of cooperation with parabol disc tak
Gear GVO-30
Braking system:
Stop the winch disc brake
Electro-hydraulic releasey ExZE 1250
Winch dimensions:
Lenght (without cable stacker) 1725 mm
Width (without cable stacker) 1732-2332mm standard: 1982 mm
Height 1182 mm
Winch weight standard: 1850 kg (without gear, motor, cable stacker)
Hydraulic cable stacker dimension:
Lenght 625 mm
Weight 370kg
WMechanical cable stacker dimension:
Lenght 600 mm
Weight 360kg