Hydraulic cable winch VT.KLH-2/120, VT.KLH-2/200

Kołowrót hydrauliczny

The VT.KLH-2/120 and VT.KLH-2/200 hydraulic cable winch is designed to transfer (pull and lower) heavy parts of mining machinery and equipment during operation in mining works, therein as a supporting device in reinforcement and liquidation of discharge walls. It is used to pull out and position shields of powered roof supports and other machinery and equipment elements in longwalls and faces. The winch can be used to haul transformers, various heavy electrical devices and as a support tool for heavy equipment reloading as well as for transportation, where significant towing power is required. The winch can be used with the maximum inclination of 45°.

The winch can be used in rail transport to shunt cars along flat and inclined tracks (up to ± 4 degrees) and along tracks with steeper inclination with the provision of a self-braking system for the means of transportation or appropriately securing the tracks.

The winch is capable of working with other winches in a double system, according to the transport system documentation created by the user.

Optionally, the VT-80 or VT-200 cable-directing roller can be supplied on demand. The cable-directing roller is used to change cable direction – it allows cornering the cable in the range of 0° to 180° by banding the reel. The roller is an auxiliary device in cable transport systems. It is commonly used in places that are difficult to access, where “straight” towing is impossible due to the lack of space or for safety reasons.

The VT.KLH-2/120 and VT.KLH-2/200 hydraulic cable winch may be used in underground mines in the fields without and with methane content categorised as a, b or c class of methane explosion hazard as well as A or B class of coal dust explosion hazard.

Technical specifications
Winch VT.KLH-2/120 VT.KLH-2/200
Min/max set operating oil pressure 7 / 18MPa 9 / 20MPa
Towing force on first and last layer (min oil pressure) 53 / 41kN 77 / 58kN
Towing force on first and last layer (max oil pressure) 120/100kN 200 / 159kN
Maximum transport road inclination 45°
Sample cable diameter - for min / max operating oil pressure Ø 24mm / Ø 36mm Ø 30mm / Ø 46mm
Cable speed 0 ÷ 0,22m/s
Drum reeling part diameter Ø 650mm Ø 914mm
Drum body width 650 ÷ 1000mm 750 ÷ 1100mm
Cable length on the drum (min drum width) Ø 24mm - 388m /
Ø 36mm 125m
Ø 30mm - 592m /
Ø 46mm 210m
Cable length on the drum (max drum width) Ø 24mm - 601m /
Ø 36mm 190m
Ø 30mm - 857m /
Ø 46mm 306m
Hydraulic motor SOK-1000 or SHT -1000 or L7B-3600 SOK-1000 (2 pcs.) or SHT -1000 (2 pcs.) or L7B- 3600 (2 pcs.)
Torque 10kNm 10kNm
Rated pressure 18MPa 20MPa
Rotational speed 100rpm 100rpm
Winch size for minimum drum width without strutting legs (l/w/h) 1815 / 1545 / 1459mm 2470 / 1695 / 1740mm
Winch size for minimum drum width without strutting legs 3800kg 7100kg
Technical specifications
Hydraulic unit AH.KLH 30 AH.KLH 75
Set operating oil pressure 9 ÷ 20MPa 9 ÷ 20MPa
Usable liquid volume in the tank 240dm3 100dm3
Working medium HLP-68 hydraulic fluid HLP-68 hydraulic fluid
Electric motor - power and supply voltage 30kW; 500/1000V 75kW; 500/1000V
Pump - type PNZ2-150K or MHP365A-478BIAB178OU A4VSG250 or A2P-250 HD or HPV-280-02 Linde
Pump - max efficiency 150dm3/min 360dm3/min
Size (l/w/h) 1470 / 1250 / 1170mm 2556 / 830 / 1300mm
Weight 695kg 850kg

WUG admission sign: GM - 17 / 13
GM - 19 / 13

This product was manufactured in accordance with the procedures laid down under the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and PN-N-18001:2004 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Bureau Veritas Certification Certificate Number PL11000149/P

Certyfikat Vacat Certyfikat Instytutu Spawalnictwa

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