Winch VACAT/15/75/K/II

Kołowrót VACAT/15/75/K/II

The winch VACAT/15/75/K/II is designed to transfer (pull and lower) heavy parts of the machinery and equipment in underground mining excavations. It can be used as a supporting device in reinforcement and liquidation of discharge walls, pulling out and building sections of the mechanized support and other machinery elements into discharge walls and faces, pulling transformers and heavy elements of electric apparatuses. It can be also used as a supporting device in rehandling and transport of heavy parts, when the drawbar pull is demanded.

The winch can be used in rail transport systems for shunting mine cars along flat or inclined tracks sloped up to ±4 degrees with the provision of a self-braking system for the means of transportation or appropriately securing the tracks.

The winch VACAT/15/75/KII is designed to work in underground mining excavations at methane fields in the a, b and c methane explosion hazard spaces and the A and B coal dust explosion class spaces.

Technical specifications
Drum width (internal dimension between flanges) 400 ÷ 1000mm (670mm standard)
Drum diameter Ø 510mm
Sample cable diameter (for 6x36 WS-IWRC) Ø 26mm
Length of the cable on a drum 400/630/1000 100-300m
The quantity ofe the cable coats on a drum max. 6
Cable speed 0,16 - 0,21m/s
Worm-planetary gear GV1/W 15kW / 1:256
Electric motor 15kW - 500/1000V
Draw-bar pull on the first coat 75kN
Draw-bar pull on the last coat 59kN
Maximum angle of road inclination ± 30°
Machine dimensions lenght/width/height 1725/1440 ÷ 2040/1175mm
Machine weight (without cable) 2670kg
WUG admission sign: GM - 2 / 13

This product was manufactured in accordance with the procedures laid down under the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and PN-N-18001:2004 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Bureau Veritas Certification Certificate Number PL11000149/P

Certyfikat Vacat Certyfikat Instytutu Spawalnictwa

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