GAD-2 battery locomotive


GAD-2 battery locomotive is a machine equipped with an innovative zero emission battery drive. The locomotive is composed of up to four hydraulic drive modules. The drive is implemented with a brushless three-phase synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets powered through an inverter from a battery pack and a hydrostatic transmission in a closed system. The hydraulic unit powers slow-speed hydraulic motors of the drive modules. Drive transfer from the hydraulic motors to the monorail track is implemented through a frictional coupling of the drive wheels with the friction line of the track or through a shape coupling of the cog wheels with the toothed line of the track.

It is designed for personnel transport on inclinations up to ± 25° and material transport on inclinations up to ± 30°. It can travel on the suspended friction tracks of the approved type (based on the I155 -bars) currently used in mines or along a dedicated cog wheel tracks. Friction and cog wheel tracks can be joined using a special drive change track. Transfer from friction to cog wheel drive and reverse is automatic.

A zero emission locomotive is a solution with substantial impact on the increase of work efficiency, safety and comfort in personnel and heavy, large-size material transport.

Main advantages of the hydraulic-battery locomotive:

  • new generation lithium-polymer cells, closed-construction, zero emission battery drive with large energy density, which eliminates exhaust emission and reduces heat production,
  • possibility to use a cog wheel track to increase the locomotive’s towing power,
  • tested and flexible hydraulic system,
  • technologically advanced handling system with extended unit control and protection.

GAD-2 battery locomotive is capable of battery charging with a specially designed MŁ-2 charger with 50 kVA power and 500V or 1000V supply voltage.

Technical specifications
Friction wheels tractive force –max for 4 drive trucks 80kN
Cog wheels tractive force –max for 4 drive trucks 100kN
Speed with friction drive max. 2m/s
Speed with cod wheel drive max. 1,6m/s
Length of locomotive with four drives 17,9m
Height from the drive track 1,36m
Width 1,06m
Weight of locomotive with four drives 10t
Allowed temperature in the locomotive operation workings +5°C to +35°C
Electric motor rated speed 1500rpm
Rated power of the unit’s electric motor 55kW
Rated battery voltage 500V DC
Battery capacity 150kWh

This product was manufactured in accordance with the procedures laid down under the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and PN-N-18001:2004 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Bureau Veritas Certification Certificate Number PL11000149/P

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